Andy Clarke

We’d aimed to set out earlier, but rolled out of the Pony Express RV Resort, in Salt Lake City, just after 9:00am for the long drive north out of Utah and back into Idaho.

Traffic was heavy on i15, but steady, up the side of the Great Salt Lake on our left and didn’t open up until Ogden. From there it was a smooth run back into Idaho and our first stop, for elevenses, in a small town called Malad City.

Many of the western pioneers had been Welsh and when we saw the Welsh dragon on the sign on the freeway, we knew we’d have to make a stop, especially to visit the town's pioneer museum. It turned out that the museum opened only for a few hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but we peered through the dusty windows at the eclectic display of Matchbox cars, snow globes and three forlorn looking toy sheep - all of them no doubt essential for the hardy pioneer.

Malad City, Idaho

Back on i15 we headed further north for a lunch stop at Pocatello and a visit to its replica pioneer fort. A tour guide gave us an enthusiastic lesson in the city’s history, right back to Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth, an unfortunate fur trader and, bizarrely, the inventor of above-ground ice houses.

Pocatello, Idaho

Time was pressing, so we skipped half of another enthusiastic lesson in native American history and left the tour guide doing a sun dance to a bemused busload of elderly tourists from Massachusetts. Twenty or so miles up the interstate, we headed east again towards Boise and tonight's stop in Arco, Idaho. It’s home to a nuclear waste recycling plant, Pickle’s Place, a cafe famous (according to the sign) for the Atomic Burger and very little else.

Arco was the first community in the world ever to be lit by electricity generated by nuclear power and I think I'm going to like this town a lot!

Gleesome Threesome

Route i15, 26
Miles driven 244
Traffic cones demolished 1
Campground Mountain View RV Park, Arco, Idaho
Tune of the day French Navy by Camera Obsura

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