Droop-a-Long Yogi

Andy Clarke

The replacement power converter for our rented RV wasn’t expected to arrive before 5pm, so today was a great opportunity for us to do one of the set piece activities we’ve been planning for this trip; riding horses in Wyoming.

Trail ride opportunities are everywhere between Cody and the east entrance of Yellowstone and despite be recommended two places closer to Cody, I took up a tip from a Donna and opted for a two-hour ride from Pahaska Tepee.

Pahaska Tepee is Buffalo Bill’s lodge just east of Yellowstone and in the heart of the Shoshone National Forest. We were half an hour late arriving due to road construction and Jim (our wrangler) was waiting for us. I paid $150.00 for the three of us, slipped Jim a $20.00 tip for waiting and we saddled up and hit the trail on Rowdy, Biff and, my horse for the morning, Bo. Jim’s originally from Vermont, a proper cowboy who’se been around horses all his life (and owned about 40). He came to Wyoming a few months ago looking for work and when the tourist season’s over will be looking for work on a cattle ranch.

The trail took us along the banks of the Shoshone River and then across it, the first time I’ve been on a horse crossing water. Wrangler Jim had warned us that the horses would try to stop to eat at every opportunity and despite me tugging on the reigns, Bo was a stubborn hoss that munched on the long grass every chance he could.

We headed up through the forest towards the top of a grassy hill overlooking Pahaska and the entrance to Yellowstone in the distance. In a clearing across the river we could see a lone bear but it wasn’t Yogi. After a few minutes for water and photos, it was back down the trail and it was here that my poor bottom cheeks started to suffer. I guess I’m not cut out to ride a horse and I can really appreciate how hard it must be to spend a day in the saddle.


Soundtrack: Ol’ Red by Blake Shelton

Ride over, we bought Arm the Bears t-shirts and burgers in Pahaska’s gift shop and cafe, I grabbed a takeout coffee and we headed back to Cody and an appointment with Marty to replace our faulty RV power converter. Along the way, we were held up for thirty minutes by construction so I drank coffee and chatted to two motorcyclists who had ridden their big BMW all the way from Newfoundland. I’m really excited that I’ll be in that Canadian province in just a few weeks.

Back in Cody, I dropped everyone off at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center while I drove the RV (first time alone) to Park RV for repairs. Unfortunately, Marty had a rush job to attend to, so we arranged for an early slot tomorrow morning and I headed back to the Ponderosa Campground for a few hours writing.

Deciding to skip the rodeo in town, I settled down for a few hours writing and after several months of work, completed the final chapter of Hardboiled Web Design, the book I’ve been writing since March. It feels so good to have it finished and I know that from now on I can concentrate fully on the holiday and on keeping this site more up-to-date. I even have several videos to edit and post, including one from today’s horse riding.

Gleesome Threesome

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Miles driven 102
Campground Ponderosa Campground
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