Alex Clarke

I was pushed forward on the horse. There was sweat on my legs from his neck. The fellow held me tight and let me turn the horse which way I wanted. All that power going anyway you wanted…His sides were all warm, and the smell…

A long time ago, I used to ride; back when I lived in Ipswich. I've still got a horse shoe that they gave me as a token, sat on display in my bedroom. I didn't really think about riding after that, despite seeing horses on a regular basis at home.

Anyway, enough history—today we went on a horse ride. Although it was much further away than we had expected (almost back at the gate to Yellowstone) and we arrived an hour late, we were first in line to saddle up.

Naturally, I got the pretty white horse, named Rowdy (who's name was not indicative). Once we had all mounted up we steered sat back on our horses while they carried us along a path they knew well and tried to grab sneaky mouthfuls of grass while we weren't looking.


Although we were only walking, I could sense the immense power that we were only just tapping the surface of. At one point when Rowdy stopped to do what horses do (a lot) and got behind, he decided to treat me to a little more of that power; breaking into a short gallop to get back with his friends.

I’m not sure if Leicester Uni has a riding club but if they do, I'll seriously consider joining it


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