Ice Box Raider

Andy Clarke

Compared to the hot weather we’ve become used to in more southern states and even in Seattle, the low cloud and drizzle Olympic Peninsula is already starting to get me down.

Last night the rain bounced off the roof of the RV and this morning it felt cold and damp. I slugged coffee while Alex spent a Dollar for a six minute shower, then we unhooked and slipped out of Elwha Dam RV Park.

Back on the road, we headed east and (not for the first time and likely intensified by the weather) it really does feel like we’re now on the home stretch. 101 wound past Dungeness and before too long we turned left towards our lunch stop in Port Townsend.

Port Townsend, Washington

Port Townsend is known for its 19th century buildings and although it’s not quite the “Paris of the American North West” that our guide book described, it was a great place to window shop and grab lunch at Waterfront Pizza.

Instead of buying lunch by the slice, we opted for a table upstairs and drank root beer while we waited almost half an hour. It was well worth the wait and probably the best pizza I’ve tasted anywhere, even in Chicago. A single 12" pizza was big enough for two, so we ordered a meaty one and veggie one and came away as stuffed as the pizza and with a box to take away.

Port Townsend, Washington

After a short walk on a short pier, we were back in the RV and on our way to the 101 and the longer drive south. For miles the road followed the water but by Hoodsport I was yawning and in need of perking up. A stop for coffee and a chocolate chip cookie did the trick and the next fifty miles went easier and quicker until we reached i5, Olympia and tonight’s stop at Olympia Campground just south in Tumwater.

The people are incredibly friendly and lucky for us in spot 13, the wifi is the fastest and strongest we’ve had the whole trip.

Gleesome Threesome

Route 112, 101, 20, i5
Miles driven 151
Campground Olympia Campground
Tune of the day Draggin’ The River by Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

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