Idaho A Go Go

Andy Clarke

After a minor cab-related confusion we took a $70 taxi ride from our one night stop hotel in Boise to Cruise America’s rental depot in Caldwell, 25 miles west up i84.

Unlike the last time we picked up a rented RV (four hours waiting in the burning Arizona sun), this one was easy (almost). A quick call to HSBC to (re)authorise my Mastercard, $7000 and a quick inspection for dents and dings later and we were on our way, with a friendly warning to return our temporary home with half a tank of gas, full of propane and empty of poop.

I took a few circuits of the dirt parking lot and then it was back heading east on i84 towards Walmart. We picked up $140.00 of essentials, but nothing that needed chilling as the refrigerator in the RV takes about eight hours to get down to temperature. I also needed a new AT&T prepay mobile as I must have mislaid mine on my last trip to Boston. $30.00 including $15.00 of calling credit. Bargain.

Stocked up, we headed down i84 back towards Boise Airport and our first campground of the trip. Mountain View does have a view of (some) mountains, but this is really just a stop off before the start of the journey proper.

After taking some advice from tonight's host, we’re changing tomorrow’s route and heading down towards the salt flats of eastern Nevada via route 51, the Humboldt National Forest and Elko. This meant cancelling our intended stop near Twin Falls and heading to the Iron Horse RV Resort instead.

We haven’t seen anything of Boise, but we’ll be back here in a month so if you’re in town then, the first round will be on me.

Gleesome Threesome

Route i84
Miles driven 25
Campground Mountain View RV Park
Tune of the day Airstream Song by Miranda Lambert

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