Leaving on a Jet Plane

Alex Clarke

“We had a pretty good flight all things considered, although it was painfully uneventful.  There were some good films on and I had music so it wasn’t too bad.  Our hotel is quite nice and I can now get WiFi so I’ll be able to talk to you and other people.”

Sound familiar?

That was me two years ago. It’s strange how time flies; also strange is how that exact same opening paragraph can apply to today.

Actually in all fairness, the flight quite good. Even after two episodes of Mad Men, hours of Angry Birds and listening to music the whole way, my iPad is still on 50% battery.

Manchester to JFK was better than some flights to Spain I’ve been on. I didn't make much use of the inflight entertainment other than to watch Alice in Wonderland—which I was disappointed with BTW.

JFK to Salt Lake City was long—it felt longer than MAN to JFK, although it wasn’t—and had no inflight entertainment (not that that bothered me too much).


Salt Lake City to Boise was where the flight really took off though. We flew so low that we got the most marvellous views of the Utah and Idaho countryside.

Maybe it’s just me but when I think of a lake, I think of something the size of Llyn Padarn—Windermere at the outside limit—the lake near Salt Lake City was more like a sea! I just cannot wait to get there.

So now after what was almost a twenty four hour journey, we’re in a hotel room in Boise looking forward to picking up the van tomorrow. The city is lovely; wide open spaces, low buildings…enough of this, time for me to get to sleep in the most comfortable bed I will see for a month.

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