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Andy Clarke

It’s been a fun few days in Seattle, very different from what we’ve become accustomed to and almost a holiday within a holiday, but this morning we headed away from the city towards the remote Olympic Peninsula.

As Friday was the Blue Angel’s second practice day before this weekend's event, the floating bridges were to be closed for some of the day and I didn’t feel confident driving the RV into the city for the Bainbridge Ferry, we decided to take another route to Port Angeles.

18 south to Auburn took way less time than I expected and it was easy to follow the road to i5, Tacoma and then north on 16. After one (unfortunate) detour in Bremerton, we crossed the bridge onto 101 and the Olympic Peninsula, following it west to Port Angeles.

We were ahead of schedule and the sun was shining so we decided to head to the unmissable Hurricane Ridge. Slipping the (pretty) Ranger my annual National Parks Pass, we snaked up the eighteen mile trail to the summit and unable to resist swearing a surprised “fucking hell!” at the incredible view, parked the RV in the already largely deserted car park.

Hurricane Ridge, Washington

From Hurricane Ridge, we had an amazing view of the snow-capped mountains all around and the wild deer that graze the meadows.

Hurricane Ridge, Washington

While everyone else made a start on the hike to the summit and the promised views out towards Canada, I chose to make coffee and take a nap, but before too long (and with the camera battery dead) we were all back in the RV with the intention to come back tomorrow (update: that wasn’t to be).

Going up to the ridge was more fun than coming down the steep slope, so I slipped the RV into second gear and used engine-breaking all the way back to the bottom and after asking the (prettier) Ranger for directions we made the short drive to the next two night's stop at Elwha Dam RV Park.

Pulling into the office, I paid the lady with a Sarah Palin calendar for two nights and before we had reached our spot in number five, Alex had found the wifi network. Connected at last. Although slower than second gear, it feels good to catch up on email and the few days of missing posts on this site.

Gleesome Threesome

Route i90, 18, i5, 16, 3, 104, 101, 112
Miles driven 112
Campground Elwha Dam RV Park
Tune of the day American Saturday Night by Brad Paisley

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