Ring-a-Ding Picnic Basket

Andy Clarke

Slightly later than planned, we headed in Bozeman for breakfast of coffee, pastries and yogurt and granola (for me) at Wild Joe’s Organic Coffee.

The coffee was good and the wifi was fast, so I tended to email and uploaded video of our horse riding trip. Before we knew it, is was after noon, so we hit i90 westwards towards Missoula, Montana and two milestones of the trip.

i90 sped us west, first to Butte and then north a little, past Anaconda, Deer Lodge and Drummond. The scenery changed constantly from thickly wooded forest, craggy outcrops and dry plains, but there was no real time to stop except for an hour in a rest stop for me to doze.

We’ve played plenty of music on this trip, but one song has been banned, for a reason. 100 miles east of tonight's destination — Missoula in Montana — we played Dry Town by Miranda Lambert where the song starts:

Well the road was hot and flat as a ruler
Good hundred miles between me and Missoula
That vinyl top wasn't gettin’ no cooler
I stopped at a quickie sack
Well I figured I’d need about a sixth of Miller
And one of those things so I wouldn’t spill ’er
I asked the girl if the beer was in the back…

Miranda doesn't mention Thirteen miles of road construction and traffic cones in the song, which slowed us down a little, so two hours later we slipped off i90 into Missoula to get directions to tonight’s campground. We drove through downtown Missoula and back onto i90 and the short hop to 93 and the Jellystone RV Park.

The owner wouldn’t tell me how much he pays to license Yogi Bear and Friends names and likenesses from Hanna-Barbera Productions but I guess it’s a shiny Dollar or two because Yogi Bear is everywhere. The gift shop (I’ll buy stuff tomorrow) has the biggest selection of stuffed and plastic things I’ve seen, and best of all of course…

We found Yogi!

Missoula, Montana

Gleesome Threesome

Route i90, 93
Miles driven 220
Campground Jellystone Park
Tune of the day Dry Town by Miranda Lambert
Yogi sightings Plenty!

Feed the bears

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