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This morning we filled the RV’s tank with $77.16 worth of unleaded, I grabbed a coffee and a donut and we set off on one of the trip’s longest driving days — 231 miles south-east from the starting (and finishing) line in Boise to Elko, Nevada.

Nevada? So yeah, we lied. We’re actually crossing seven US states on this trip. Originally we’d planned to spend just one night in Nevada (in West Wendover, tomorrow night) on our way to Salt Lake City, Utah. As it turns out, we’re spending two. That’s the official reason. The real reason? Seven states wouldn’t have fitted my design so well.

Tonight’s stop was planned for Filer, near Twin Falls, Ihado, but after being told about miles of construction work happening on 93, instead we turned right off i84 and onto the Old Oregon Trail Highway at Mountain Home, before heading south to tonight’s stop in Elko.

Mountain Home was the last sight of civilisation for 195 miles as 51 took us south through some of the wildest countryside I’ve seen in the west. Southern Idaho is full of not very much at all but although my friends who live on both coasts make jokes about Idaho, this is some of the country I came to see.

Around noon we were 33 miles outside of Grassmere (and 5,300' above sea level). Sounded pretty and a possible spot to park up for lunch. As it turns out, Grassmere’s only building — a bare general store and gas station — looked like it closed for lunch — thirty years ago.

Riddle was up next and we soon wondered if the riddle was why this place was even a name on a map? Pressing on we reached Owyhee just south of the Nevada border where we stopped in the heat for food and water.

51 had become 225 when Idaho became Nevada and we worked our way south for the next 80 miles, past the Humboldt National Forest and more bullet ridden road sides than you can imagine.

Drive-by road-sign shootings and burning squiggly rubber marks onto impossibly straight roads are apparently a popular pastime in this part of Nevada.

Then 225 became the Mountain City Highway and we reached Elko and tonight’s stop at the Iron Horse RV Resort.

Gleesome Threesome

Route i88, 51, 225
Miles driven 231
Campground Iron Horse RV Resort
Tune of the day Hillbilly Bone by Blake Shelton

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