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I have a confession to make: I really like Twilight. I'm not entirely sure why—maybe it is because it is a representation of perfection, maybe it is because I want to be Edward…or Bella, or maybe it's ’cause I'm just partial to a soppy love story.

What ever the reason, when I knew we were going to be near Seattle I insisted that we come to the Olympic Peninsula and Forks. Stephanie Meyer didn't speak particularly highly of the weather here and sure enough, it rained heavily all day.

We left Port Angeles all jumpered up and headed out down a road I'd read all about—usually while Edward drives his Volvo at a hundred miles per hour. We stopped at a diner that looked as appealing to me as animal blood and so I stayed in the van while Mum and Dad went out to hunt themselves a breakfast.

Once we had made it to Forks I realised the main difference between Bella’s home and the real place was Twilight. Everywhere we looked there were cardboard cutouts of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (Edward and Bella if you didn't know!) and signs written in the same typeface as is used on the coven cover of the books.

It seemed like everyone was jumping on the band wagon, even down to the “give blood” sign in the middle of the street; I hope people were giving O negative—Bella’s blood type people! (or does that make me too much of a fanpire?).

We went into the official merchandise store—past two guys dressed up as Edward and Jasper—into a fake forest glowing with ultraviolet light and filled with t-shirts, blood red tea and rebranded copies of Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prejudice along with, of course, many copies of the books and films.

It took all of my super-self-control and being slightly freaked out by the girl behind the counter with gold contact lenses to make me leave the shop and head to the second and third (simultaneously) spots on today's trip: La Push and the Pacific coast. While Forks has gone all Vampire crazy, besides the odd wolf reference and the ‘treaty line’, you would never know that Twilight’s third character was from La Push.

We drove all the way down to First Beach but the bad weather prevented us from seeing much at all. I wished my body temperature was as hot as a werewolf as we trudged through the all-but-deserted marina but I would have to settle for being as cold as a vampire when I got back.

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